Artistry of Fragrance Composition.


Fragrance Design & Development

We create distinctive olfactory stories to provoke emotion, deep thought and to heighten the customer's sensory experience of the world.

Striving for Originality



Parfum Haute Couture

At MVx2, we pride ourselves on the originality of our scents and the meticulousness of our process. Our exceptional creativity, attention to detail at all stages, and our capacity of accomplishing the entire fragrance making process in-house make us the rarest olfactory design and production studio in the world.

We begin with a concept and develop it through each stage until we have an extraordinary product. Every single one of our perfumes are designed according to this painstaking process and are handcrafted in-house in Switzerland.

Led by our master perfumer, Vincent Micotti, we not only create original fragrances for brands, designers and institutions, we also invent many world premiere olfactory scenographies for cultural events and public projects every year.

Creative House & Manufacturing Capability

All-in-One Solution

We provide an all-in-one ODM service for our clients, from conception to finalization of retail-ready products, leaving a lasting impression of outstanding Swiss-made craftsmanship.

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