Extra Services

Ready Formulations

Do you have good ideas but not enough time to develop them? Our express customization service will help. In the past decade, our master perfumer has created a great number of high-end fragrances, and these formulations are unique to us. If you would like to spare the energy and time of creating a fragrance from scratch, you can select from our existing formulations for a quick start to building up your brand.

Semi-Finished Products

If you wish to produce your products elsewhere, for example in another country, we can supply and deliver the ready-mixed perfume oil in bulk packaging as well. Meaning the all the rest of processes such as maceration, filling, bottling, labelling, packing and so on will be handled and managed by your company.

Perfume Oils

Stock Materials

Stock Flacons & Packagings 

In order to save time during the design stage, we have several designs of high-quality glass bottles and luxury spray pumps in stock. An extensive range of packaging is also available for you to choose from. This enables you to choose something that really reflects your brand.

The lead time for the entire project can be as short as five weeks.


Fragrance Creation